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Improve your future by correcting your past!

In today's criminal justice system, courts can sentence offenders to a term of imprisonment in jail or prison, a fine, probation, and many other options. When the terms of the sentence are complete, having paid his or her debt to society, the offender has "done the time." But offenders soon learn that the sentence imposed by the court is only the beginning of the consequences they will suffer from the conviction. The collateral consequences of a conviction often outweigh the time lost to incarceration or probation and the money spent on fines and court costs.

These consequences include the loss of voting rights, inability to obtain occupational and professional licenses, restrictions on the possession of firearms and ammunition, and the loss of important social support and benefits. Unfortunately, these consequences often prevent even the most reformed offenders from successfully reentering society leaving them with few options beyond the criminal lifestyle. Many of the consequences resulting from a criminal conviction can be mitigated by a pardon or expungement of the conviction and sealing the records of the arrest and conviction. Arkansas Expungements will to help you do just that.


Improving your future is important, which is why it should be handled properly, carefully, and quickly. Arkansas Expungements provides easy and affordable assistance with having your conviction expunged or pardoned. Improve your future by correcting your past!

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Completely effortless, you guys took care of everything and provided prompt responses.

There is nothing I can say for y'all to better serve your clients. You were amazing.

Brandon Crawford was a great help, making sure that I was up to date throughout this journey.

Very happy with the way my case was handled and the result. Now I can move on!

They were very professional and responsive! A+

I was extremely satisfied with the entire service-- start to finish

Highly recommend Brandon Crawford!

Great to work with!

Job well done thank you all for the help


Arkansas Expungements accepts cases anywhere in Arkansas. We start by obtaining your official criminal record. We then review your record and the disposition of each case to determine if you meet the requirements for having your record sealed or applying for a pardon. If you are eligible, we prepare the documents for your review and signature. After that, we file the documents on your behalf and attend any hearings required by the court. If the court denies your petition, we describe why and explain what your options are moving forward.

Record Analysis


  • Initial attorney consultation

  • State background check

    You get a copy as soon the results are available!
  • Eligibility assessment

    ($250 credit toward petition preparation if eligible for expungement)
  • No hidden fees!

Petition Preparation

(includes Record Analysis)


  • Initial attorney consultation

  • State background check

    You get a copy as soon the results are available!
  • Eligibility assessment

    ($500 refund if ineligible for expungement)
  • Petition drafting

  • Notarization fee

  • Filing fee

  • Petition submission

  • Communication with prosecutor and court

  • Court appearance fee & attorney travel expenses

  • No hidden fees!

Pardon Preparation

(includes Record Analysis)


  • Initial attorney consultation

  • State background check

    You get a copy as soon the results are available!
  • Eligibility assessment

    ($1000 refund if ineligible for pardon)
  • Case document collection

  • Application drafting

  • Notarization fee

  • Assistance with recommendation letters

  • Application submission

  • Court appearance fee & attorney travel expenses

  • No hidden fees!

Common Questions

Yes, Arkansas Expungements is owned and operated by a licensed attorney, Brandon Crawford. Brandon handles every case and works directly with every client.

We are located at 17724 Interstate 30 N in Benton, but we accept cases anywhere in the state. The fee is the same regardless of where the case is.

You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation by following this link or calling us at 855-377-1140.

Sure, but the initial consultation is always done over the phone.

We do not accept payment plans, but we do accept credit cards. Every client starts with the background check, which is how we determine if the client is eligible for expungement. The background check is only $250.

There are several different statutory methods for expunging a conviction. Each method has its own eligibility requirements. The first step in determining if you are eligible is obtaining your official criminal history. Once we have that, we can take a closer look at the circumstances of your case to determine your eligibility for the various methods of expungement. If you are eligible, we draft the expungement petition and file it with the appropriate court.

$250 to obtain and analyze your background and case records to determine your eligibility, and $500 for preparation of the petition or $1000 for assistance with pardon preparation. If you have multiple cases that need to be expunged, the additional cost is $500 for each additional case because each case will require a separate petition. There are no hidden fees or costs.

The records become restricted from the public, but courts, law enforcement, and official state licensing agencies have access to all sealed criminal records.

In some cases, the entire process for an expungement is completed in 30 days. Unfortunately, some courts have congested dockets and the process takes several months or longer. For pardons, the process will take at least a year and sometimes much longer.

We suggest that you follow up with that attorney to make sure they actually completed the work.

No. You must be completely discharged from your sentence to be eligible for an expungement or pardon.

We only handle Arkansas convictions. You need to contact an expungement attorney from the state in which you were convicted.

How to Get Started

Complete the form below and you will receive more information about the process and what to expect. We provide a detailed representation agreement that outlines exactly what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. After you provide payment, we send you an email requesting more detailed information about you and your criminal history. Next, we collect your criminal record and case paperwork and analyze it to determine if you are eligible for expungement.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to schedule a phone consultation.